Savor sweet layers with our chocolates & compounds
Spread joy with every spoonful of our spreads
Bite into Belgian bliss, joy in every crunch
New-Age Sandwich biscuits: melting on your taste buds
Dip into luxury, sweetness in every bite
Refine your recipes with our flaky, buttery sensations

Why micks?

Premium Quality Ingredients

Micks foods prides itself on sourcing and producing only the highest quality ingredients for the bakery, ice cream, and chocolate industries. With a commitment to excellence, every product is meticulously crafted using time-honored traditions and the finest ingredients available. Our dedication to quality ensures that your creations stand out for their superior taste and texture, helping you delight customers and build a loyal following.

Innovative Solutions at Affordable Prices

At Micks foods, we believe in democratizing access to innovation. Our company is driven by a mission to provide innovative products and solutions that empower businesses to thrive, without breaking the bank. Through strategic investments in R&D and infrastructure, we bring cutting-edge international products to the Indian market at competitive prices, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and achieve your business goals without compromise.

Chocolate Sauce
Belgi-yumm Biscuits
MICKS FOODS' ingredients make our ice creams simply irresistible.
Leading Ice Cream Manufacturer
Our chocolates shine with MICKS FOODS' premium cocoa and flavors.
Reputed Chocolate Manufacturer
MICKS FOODS ingredients bring out the best in our pastries.
Indian Bakery Owner

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ENHANCE Your Creations with the Right Ingredients!

Whether you're a baker, chocolatier, or ice cream artisan, selecting the right ingredients can make all the difference.

Micks Foods - Quality Assurance
Every ingredient, meticulously sourced and crafted
Micks Foods - Innovation
Experiment and create unique flavors and textures.
Micks Foods - Reliability and Consistency
Let your production process runs smoothly without any interruptions.
Micks Foods - Experts Support
Achieve the best results  by picking the right ingredients

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